Asbestos FAQ

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What is asbestos removal?

Asbestos removal is the professional removal of asbestos from attics, walls, roofing, and other common areas of homes and businesses. Asbestos is a harmful substance that can cause breathing problems if damaged.

What does asbestos look like?

Identifying asbestos isn’t always easy and should be investigated by a professional. Typically, Asbestos will form in Asbestos Chrysotile Fibres, which look a bit like cotton or dust. It can be white, blue, or brown. Asbestos however is not always visible, depending on the material.

How many types of asbestos are there?

There are 5 main types of asbestos:

Chrysotile (white)
Amosite (brown)
Crocidolite (blue)
Anthophyllite (grey, green or white)
Tremolite and Actinolite ( (brown, white, green, grey or clear)
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How safe is asbestos removal?

When carried out by HSE registered professionals, Asbestos removal is not harmful to you. In order to prevent exposure, Asbestos needs to be handled carefully, and by trained experts.

When was asbestos banned in UK?

Asbestos for supply and use was banned in 1999, but the blue and brown forms of asbestos have been banned since 1985, so are rarely found in modern properties. Asbestos was used due to its strong, flexible, and sound-proofing properties.

How much does asbestos removal cost?

Asbestos removal costs depend on the size of the asbestos in your property. Professional asbestos consultants will carry out a survey, and evaluate the damage. If your property was built before 2000, it’s more likely that asbestos might be present. The team will then evaluate the asbestos and give you a quote.

What happens to asbestos after removal?

It’s important that asbestos is disposed of responsibly. We operate a licensed transfer station under Environment Agency guidelines. Unlike other asbestos removal companies, we carry out the most effective procedures for asbestos disposal. Our asbestos disposal adheres to all legislation, approved codes of practice, and HSE guidelines.

How long after asbestos removal is it safe?

Asbestos becomes harmful when it gets damaged. Therefore, you’ll be asked to enter your property a couple of days after the asbestos has been removed. This is to ensure that the area is safe and to prevent any harmful fibres from entering your lungs.