Why not just go double taper and essentially get two lines for

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According to the SEC order instituting a settled administrative proceeding against Massachusetts based F Squared, which is the largest marketer of index products using exchange traded funds (ETFs), the firm began receiving signals from a third party data provider in September 2008 indicating when to buy or sell an investment. The signals were based on an algorithm, and F Squared and Present used the signals to create a model portfolio of sector ETFs that could be rebalanced periodically as the signals changed. They named the new product and launched the first index a month later.

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My theory is if you are going Old School cheap nfl jerseys, why not go old school and use the lines we were using 40 50 years ago on our glass rods? Cortland 444 Peach worked then, and it works now. And, then there is the whole Q of whether you even get any advantage out of weight forward line on a small stream 3 4wt that won be casting the distance necessary to even get the head out of the guides. Why not just go double taper and essentially get two lines for the price of one? Currently, I don use DT lines just cuz I switch reels loaded with lines between graphite and fiberglass 4wts, but if I were to get a dedicated line for a glass rod it woukd probably be good ole Cortland 444 DTxF.

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