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And when we really look at what we are focused on right now it’s that growing in those strategic markets, particularly globally really delivering productivity to our rail customers and going wider on our services offerings with them, deep investments in digital and very, very focused on just running the play well, so strong execution.So, talking a little bit about some of the global markets. Many of you have probably heard in India, in December of ’15, we signed a $2.5 billion deal to supply 1,000 locomotives over 10 years to India. We are building a $200 million factory in the state of Bihar.

iPhone x case Robert Porter did not have such a good day. He was twice flagged for pass interference deep in the Bombers zone and both times it led to touchdowns for the Eskimos. Kevin Fogg and Derek Jones also took pass interference penalties at key times.. Patented, motion capture technology translates body motion into game play, enabling kids to control the action with their bodies rather than through traditional game controllers. This latest innovation from Playskool combines learning benefits and physical activity in a fun, engaging way. Includes four sample games.. iPhone x case

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