This bill falls five percent short of the 18 percent rate

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Canada Goose Parka In the face of a veto threat and dug in Senate, state House lawmakers held their ground on Wednesday rejecting a plan that would trim 13 percent off South Carolina Electric Gas power bills saying the surcharge needs to be zeroed out. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose uk shop On a 104 7 vote, House members rejected a Senate compromise that would funnel at least some money canada goose outlet paypal 5 percent back to SCE insisting the company shouldn’t be rewarded for its mismanagement and dishonest business practices. canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Online “I just want to be consistent today. This bill falls five percent short of the 18 percent rate canada goose outlet winnipeg cut that the customers want,” said state Rep. Robert Brown, D Hollywood. “I stand firmly with the angry electric ratepayers who want their money back. SCE are charging customers for their mistakes and failures, not their stockholders.” Canada Goose Online

The high stakes showdown means SCE nearly 700,000 customers might not see canada goose outlet store near me relief from an 18 percent premium tacked on to their monthly payments to help the Cayce based utility pay off its share of a mothballed $9 billion nuclear construction project.

That so called “nuclear canada goose bird uk premium” brings SCE about $37 million a month.

uk canada goose outlet With seven working days left in the session, a conference committee made up of three members each from the House and Senate will work to draft a bill that could provide temporary relief for customers until state regulators meet this winter canada goose outlet in chicago to set a new cheap canada goose rate. uk canada goose outlet

None of the options, however, seem likely to gain traction: the Senate doesn’t believe it has enough votes to approve a wholesale cut of 18 canada goose shop new york percent; Gov. Henry McMaster won’t sign a bill that gives any money back to the utility; and the House has shown it’s unwilling to go along with a compromised rate reduction of 13 percent.

McMaster reiterated his position on Wednesday.

“There are a lot of games being played in the legislature right now. There are a lot conversations going back and forth, but none of that can obscure the fact that the ratepayers who bought power from SCANA had no choice but to pay that 18 percent, and they are obligated under law to keeping paying it even though the nuclear reactors for which the money was taken up are not going to be built,” he said.” We ought to be rushing to give them their money back, not rushing to see how much more we’re going to let the company charge them for something they’re not going to get.

State Rep. Russell Ott, D Calhoun and co chairman of the Public Utilities Review Committee, was among the seven House members to vote in favor of the Senate compromise.

canada goose clearance sale “I along with most every person in this body voted for zero, but that’s not where we are today,” Ott said. “Don’t you think at the end of the day, the ratepayers who we’ve been in the trenches for on a daily basis would rather have 13 percent relief than no relief whatsoever?” canada goose clearance sale

State Rep. Peter McCoy, a Charleston Republican who ran the committee with Ott, disagreed a rare split for the lawmakers when it came to utility votes this canada goose outlet toronto factory year.

buy canada goose jacket cheap “We have the opportunity today, right now, to do actual work for the people of South Carolina,” McCoy said. “I’m not stopping at five percent.” buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose store State Rep. John McCravy, R Greenwood, said letting SCE keep any of its money sends the wrong message. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet “If somebody steals 10 apples from you and you only get six back, that’s not right. These utility companies should do what’s right,” he said. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats Since 2009, the BLRA has allowed South Carolina Electric Gas Co., and its parent, SCANA, to collect nearly $2 billion from ratepayers for costs related to the scrapped nuclear venture. canada goose coats

Canada Goose sale The Senate voted 26 16 on March 28 in favor canada goose outlet netherlands of S. 954, which set the rate at 13 percent. That bill, S. cheap canada goose alternative 954, was co sponsored by Sen. Shane Massey, R Edgefield. Canada Goose sale

“I am confident we can work out our differences and get an agreement that will benefit customers,” Massey canada goose uk distributor said Wednesday afternoon, following the House vote. Massey also said he’ll “most likely” be part of the negotiating team that will work to hammer out a deal.