There are quite a few other coaches on the team I wouldn be

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Antonio has been here again, and he solicited an audience with me in private of course I granted it, for friendship hallows all that is done under its mantle. It was a moonlight night mild Luna shedding a balmy light on surrounding objects, and, if possible, rendering my heart more sensitive than ever. One solitary glimmering star showed by its paly quiverings the impress of evening, while not a cloud obscured the vast firmament of heaven.

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Small towns are REALLY feeling the brain drain and economic troubles that have come in the past 10 years. Its hard for the average voter in these areas to get behind anyone who is not “one of us” and is painted as a “Des Moines liberal” or whatever. The aging populace of the 4th district feels left behind by the progressive cities, even though the average rural Iowan seems to vote against their own interests.

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There’s a fair amount of truth in this wholesale jerseys, actually. We know inequality increases over time, and we also know that inequality predicts violent crime, and that high levels of inequality predict political instability. Too much inequality radically destabilises society and often results in at least an attempt at revolution.

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