The guy that was hitting on me told him to go for the other

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Canada Goose Jackets Rockstar does a FK YOU to it customers and you have to start the whole thing again the next time you play. GREAT GAME EH? Rockstar sucks. Seven years of work and they allowed this crap to be shipped. I wish new players did get experienced with Teralyst instead of jumping into Tricaps but nobody is being toxic. When I don have enough time to tricap or even do Gantulyst because theres like 8 minutes left, I do Tery and switch to Chroma (I main Trinity for tricaps since in pubs you can rely that there will be another lure healer). As soon as you get off your Archwing, cast Vex, self damage, pop Energy pad and go into operator to help out vs shields or whatever. Canada Goose Jackets

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However, a girl was really into him and a guy was into me, so they kept separating us and interrupting the whole thing. After the concert we went to a cheap canada goose jackets china party and it was impossible to have a moment together even if we both were looking for it. The guy that was hitting on me told him to go for the other girl as me and him were supposedly together.

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