Station could be a candidate for a Government grant to see it

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buy canada goose jacket cheap A cheap solution needs to be done to solve the congestion issues in Bath.A petition has been created by residents to ask the council to consider reopening the stationRailway stations canada goose outlet england are an important part of society creating mobility and opportunities for those that live within its vicinity and who do not own their own transport. The main interest for opening this station would be cheap canada goose jacket mens to reduce the number of cars on Baths roads. Station could be a candidate for a Government grant to see it reopened for the benefit of the public.Why Bath should have ‘world’s first city wide resident friendly parking zones’I would be interested to know your views and also I would appreciate any support or advice regarding this matter.The online petition has reached 109 signatures in a very short space of time and the facebook page Open Railway Station has received 45 likes and followers and this issue has also been raised on BBC canada goose hat uk Radio Bristol by Claire canada goose jacket outlet toronto Cavanagh and articles in the Bath Chronicle by Sam Ferguson. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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