I suppose it understandable to interpret it either way

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Every so often I would see a hand trying to wriggle through the gap. One night I woke up and felt a hand on my leg. I thought my roommate was molesting me or something but when I turned on my flashlight, there was one of these badboys on my leg. Not that I complaining. I get paid great money to do it, and it isn hard.The bigger issue is half my company is on welfare while my owners are pocketing hundreds of millions.Doesn it bother you Republicans that you have to augment the wages for billionairs with your tax dollars?We have employees getting paid $10/hr who write the code that interacts and fills the general ledger, a billing person paid $12/hr that flys out of state for work 50% of the time. Meanwhile we have people who have 0 responsibiligies or bosses making six figures.The free market is limited.

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The condition Florida will receive the better of Arizona or Detroit’s third round picks in 2017 was converted on March 29, 2017, when Detroit clinched a better regular season record than Arizona for the 2016 17 NHL season.The New Jersey Devils’ third round pick went to the Carolina Hurricanes as the result of a trade on March 5, 2014, that sent Tuomo Ruutu to New Jersey in exchange for Andrei Loktionov and this pick (being conditional at the time of the trade). The condition and date of conversion are unknown.The Buffalo Sabres’ third round pick went to the Montreal Canadiens as the result of a trade on June 17, 2017, that sent Nathan Beaulieu to Buffalo in exchange for this pick. Detroit Red Wings’ third round pick went to the Arizona Coyotes as the result of a trade on June 20, 2016, that sent Maxim Letunov and a sixth round pick in 2017 to San Jose in exchange for a fourth round pick in 2016 and this pick.

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