Even Sony had this problem with Spiderman

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They had plenty of vets and no shortage of possible locales.Did Towns need Jimmy or Thibs permission to spend weeks with Andrew Wiggins or any other player for that matter? What are Rose, Taj, and Teague doing if not veteran leadership? Gorgui is the longest tenured wolf, has this just never happened in his five previous offseasons spanning from Adelman to Thibs? Why did no one take it upon themselves to keep the momentum of a playoff appearance going? Instead everyone was “see you in September”I don think Jimmy cared enough about the team to take a break from his summer world tour to belittle “teammates” for working out and you think Thibs would have shouted down more work?I just think people are making Jimmy and Thibs into boogey men for any shortcoming from this season. Any lack of camaraderie and chemistry is just as much on the shoulders of those Wolves still around. The whole team couldn care less about working together last offseason even for just a few days.

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