Clean out pudding cups and turn them upside down

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I sure most of you have watched the movie “Jaws” or at least have heard about the same. Sharks have been a symbol of fear and terror since time immemorial, but are sharks are really so dangerous or is it just a myth surrounding the elegant creatures of the marine world. We also learnt about the Loch Ness monster in a previous article but of course there is an obvious difference for the simple reason that sharks are present day creatures which can be seen without much difficulty.

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Something lore friendly that claims land in a much smaller radius should be implemented. A skull effigy for example would be neat to have to place inside your home to keep it claimed. Make these claim objects breakable by stone tools. I recently stumbled across an article on Accounting Web suggesting the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should rethink the fees and regulations on IRS required numbers (PTINs) and fingerprinting for tax professionals. I probably landed on this piece because my personal tax return was due on October 15, and I barely made it. I simply hate tax time, and it’s not because I mind paying.

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It is a very rare politician who actually believes in states rights over party ideology. The same isn necessarily true of voters, but politicians at the national level. The only republican I can think of who wouldn go for this would be rand Paul, and there a hell of an asterisk there..

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Time to make the most of the warm evenings and the long golden days and to get your shavasana on outdoors. Try sunset yoga and feel the salt winds of the Jersey’s coastline against your skin. Sunset sessions involve a slow flow that allows you to end your day feeling a sense of peace and calm, relievingany tension.