And they all get massive subsidies from the taxpayer anyway

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A lot of communities became more or less unusable for their old purposes simply because the signal to noise ratio was too high. That more or less what happened here. These new folks like the funny images. Similar to point 1 you need to be solid when you going to up to shoot. That means both feet planted, using your knees and hips to power your shot. At 1:58 when the camera moves so you can see your legs, you can see how far your knees and feet are pointed to the left.

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What we see here in this thread is the discipline required not motivation to be successful in keeping a busy life and incorporating fitness. Early morning gym isn doable for everyone, but it is for a lot of people and most of us, as evidenced in this thread, spend a little time on the weekend or at night making sure that we remove morning obstacles. I proud of the early morning gang at my gym and of the ladies here who are making time for fitness.

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