This is gold dust! Read it, inwardly digest it, and when you

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In addition to committing securities fraud, some of the defendants interfered with two internal investigations into Symbol’s accounting practices and delayed the Commission’s investigation. After the Commission began its investigation, Jaeggi directed subordinates to discard copies of “Tango sheets” and other incriminating documents. During the same relevant period, DeGennaro rigged the revenue recognition data provided to the forensic accountants involved in the first internal inquiry, instructed subordinates to withhold information from subsequent internal investigators, and directed employees to sanitize key portions of schedules that they provided to the investigators..

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There should be a shared respect across the different teams involved. If one team does not understand the level of competence of the other team in the appropriate area then there may be a sense of misplaced superiority. To avoid this it is best to highlight the achievements of all involved and work from a place of mutual respect and understanding..

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Inspired by the success of the and the Tour de France, the race was first organized in 1935. The race was prevented from being run by the Spanish Civil War and World War II in the early years of its existence; however, the race has been held annually since 1955. As the Vuelta gained prestige and popularity the race was lengthened and its reach began to extend all around the globe.

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