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2 points submitted 4 days agoWarden and Highlander are two different heroes, so that mean they will have different move sets, this is just another one of those “Warden needs an unblockable because Kensei (Also unblockables aren the answer for everything)”, don get me wrong, I can see your point, but we can just slap other heroes moves on to other heroes and call it a rework!In my humble opinion childrens beach towels, Warden needs no unblockables or offencive form in any way! What he needs is more mix ups kids bath towels, more ways to punish with parry and ways to get his “Signature Move” (Shoulder Bash, because yes, Knights used their bodies to counter or invade their opponents). EDIT: Warden needs to used more of his sword in a way that would make it feel like it a versatile weapon (he has a long sword after all), he needs to be able to half sword poncho towel, “punch”, strike with the handle and/or guard.One thing I noticed is that before the game came out the Shoulder Bash was used mainly as a counter or just a safe way to push their enemy with no follow ups (I believe, not sure tho).DaddyArthmoor 1 point submitted 4 days agoSo, that’s pretty much what I’m saying, is that he needs to be able to use his sword the way swords were used. But they were used in so many ways, I feel like offensive stance, a way to switch between styles slightly, would be an easy way to accomplish that.As for wardens shoulderbash pre release, it was overpowered.

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