Seems to be more smooth at the line than in before

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Bought tickets for myself and a bunch of friends to go see Hootie and BNL at Lakewood. Kind of bittersweet because we coming up on the four year anniversary of the biggest fan of both of those bands that I knew passing away. A mutual friend of ours actually uploaded a bunch of his music including some covers he did of “Running from an Angel” and “Pinch me”.

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I am a little more impressed with Adams as we go along. Seems to be more smooth at the line than in before. Bet he finally healthy. A major concern when you remove scratches from glass is the potential for further damage or breakage. The best way to handle this is to make use of suction cups when removing the glass from its frame or attachments. There is no other substitute for this.

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Am i happy that it took this long? Yes because it managed to lock down Willy for 6 years, but don shit on a player for exercising his rights that are within the CBA.I maintained from the get go that no side is to blame here whatsoever. Willy has every right to fight for a salary that he believes is fair, and the Leafs have every right to do the same. The fans are within their right to be upset at the process, but we shouldn take sides without knowing everything involved.