But the fact it a regressive tax did rub me the wrong way

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Canada Goose Outlet Hell even today with the gift of hindsight and the fact that we can all fucking see those “tackles” were illegal, the media discuss it as though it was some sort of epic battle instead of an absolute mockery of the game.It didn take Riley long to get the top job at the PGMO after that. And I don for one second doubt that this game the single worst example of refereeing I ever seen had something, or everything, to do with it.It still gets me seething to discuss it.I firmly believe that, ahead of the stadium move, Wenger was entirely misled by the Premier League and UEFA about how seriously they were going to take issues around financial fair play.There was a lot of talk about it before we moved, because Abramovich had taken over at Chelsea and it was becoming a pressing issue. Wenger used to talk about the problems with allowing unfettered financial doping and, at the same time, by vastly increasing our match day revenue via the stadium move, he clearly set us up to be very strong in a league that required self sufficiency.Ultimately, the extra income we gained from the increased box office was never going to be enough to see us financially compete in a league which didn tackle the issue of sugardaddy owners throwing unlimited resources at their clubs. Canada Goose Outlet

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