At least 21 of Ludlum’s investors were his advisory clients

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Gonna miss you guys. Tim most of all though 14 points submitted 1 month agoSince nobody really talks much about Serendia fights in the podcast, I not sure what happened. Did you stalemate, or did you beat them? I been out of the loop Serendia wise.Also in a stalemate sense, four guilds couldn dislodge Snake from their castle last night because Snake has literally mastered defending Mediah Castle, every inch of that place is used brilliantly for defense.

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wholesale jerseys Pa., December 20, 2010)SEC CHARGES INVESTMENT ADVISER WITH SECURITIES FRAUD AND OTHER VIOLATIONSThe Securities and Exchange Commission today announced the filing of a civil injunctive action against Alfred Clay Ludlum III of Wilmington, Delaware and his wholly controlled companies, Printz Capital Management, LLC, a registered investment adviser, Printz Financial Group, Inc., and PCM Global Holdings, LLC (the “Printz Entities”), accusing them of defrauding investors and Ludlum’s advisory clients out of approximately $852,000. District Court in Philadelphia, alleges that from approximately June 2006 through June 2009, Ludlum raised approximately $700,000 from at least 27 investors through unregistered offerings of equity and debt securities in the Printz Entities. At least 21 of Ludlum’s investors were his advisory clients, including some of his most trusting and financially unsophisticated clients.. wholesale jerseys

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